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Crossroads Counseling Junction
Teresa Bou-Matar, MA, LPC
(estimated 3 sessions)

1. Take the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator® (MBTI) as an initial tool to find one’s own natural personality style. (See MBTI Assessment page for further instructions on how to take the online assessment.
2. Meet with the counselor for a presentation and to confirm the “best fit”.
3. Discover insights into one’s own type and begin to understand the interaction of various types upon relationships.
4. Develop strategies to improve the likelihood of optimal communication with the most important relationships in the most important environments; family, work, school.
5. Using the common language and process learned; further explore any area of one’s life or conclude counseling sessions.
Individual Counseling
(estimated day-long workshop format)

1. Team Leader meets with MBTI facilitator to obtain information about the team building process utilizing the MBTI assessment.
2. Facilitator contacts all group members to explain the process and tells each how to take the MBTI on-line prior to the workshop.
3. Member’s MBTI results are presented (only voluntarily) during the workshop.

 Workshop topics include:

• Introduction to Personality Type
• Overview of the MBTI instrument and its relevance to team building
• Review of individual MBTI results
• Analysis of team dynamics
• Communication Style: Extraversion & Introversion
• Information Focus: Sensing & Intuiting
• Decision Making: Thinking & Feeling
• Work Process: Judging & Perceiving
• Team’s Action Plan

Whether you are an organizational leader seeking one-on-one coaching for yourself or your key leaders, or you are looking for a facilitator to provide a team building workshop, Crossroads Counseling Junction can provide solutions on target with your objectives.

Teambuilding Consulting
MBTI Assessment
We often use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) as a starting place in order to find a common language based on healthy normal personality development. Katherine Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers (a mother-daughter team) created this widely utilized tool in order to bring mass understanding of Carl Gustav Jung’s theory of “Depth Psychology” and to share their vision “to enable individuals to grow through an understanding and appreciation of individual differences in healthy personality and to enhance harmony and productivity among diverse groups.”
Individual Counseling
Spiritual Direction
Spiritual Direction is usually a long term relationship, generally meeting once a month, to confidentially explore and deepen your experience of God or a higher power. Your particular religious denomination or faith tradition is honored, even if you have none, and often enhanced through discovery. Spiritual Direction can help you make difficult decisions and find peace in your life.
Teambuilding Consulting
Spiritual Direction